I am Jeff Rampe, a college student at the University of Maine. I was born in the Dominican Republic but I was adopted and grew up in Orono, ME.
I graduated Orono High School in 2011 and went on to college the following year. I am currently in the New Media program. I started playing guitar
in middle school and have been playing ever since. My biggest interests include music (listening and playing), video Games, sketching, photography,
and graphic novels. After taking an art class my freshman year, I realized my passion for art. I have experience with programs like iMovie, Reaper Audio,
Photoshop, Illustrator, and Garageband.

Creative Statement

I would like to use what I learn in the New Media program and apply it to the area of music. I feel that music is a major factor in what connects everybody
and I want to create music that is worthy of that statement. You can’t auto-tune the human experience. If you ask people ten years from now who Skrillex
is they probably wouldn’t know who you were talking about. It’s about creating something that lasts and that truly impacts someone’s life.

Jeff Rampe's creative portrait taken by William McEnery

Jeff Rampe's creative portrait taken by William McEnery William Mcenery's Webpage
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